June 2013

Following the historic 2013 Alberta floods, the Calgary Stampede grounds were badly flood damaged. Bluebird Contracting was rehired by the Calgary Stampede to restore and reconstruct the event grounds—only a few weeks after Bluebird had completed a reconstruction of the track to accommodate the new Agrium Western Events Centre built that year.

Bluebird crews worked 24 hours a day for almost two weeks to complete the work. The work began on June 22 and was completed by July 4, less than 24 hours before Stampede 101 kicked off. To retain the consistency of the race track surface for the rodeo and chuckwagon events, 88 million pounds of dirt was removed and replaced, totalling 176 million pounds of dirt!

The project involved a coordinated effort with other contractors and included several stages of reconstruction:

  • De-watering the Stampede track, infield, Big 4 building, Grandstand, and lift station
  • Complete reconstruction of the racetrack and infield
  • Selective demolition in the Saddledome
  • Restoration of the Grandstand building and Infield building
  • Cleaning, reconstruction, and bedding of the infield animal pens and barns
  • Debris removal, bridge demolition, and rehabilitation of the Indian Village

You can view interviews and time-lapse footage of the efforts on our YouTube channel.