707 Fifth Street

Setting new standards in earthworks and excavation services

At the height of the excavation phase, Bluebird’s heavy equipment operators expertly navigated seven excavators in tandem within a half-block lot (3,700 square-metres) to maintain the tight project schedule.

The team was able to efficiently remove material at the deepest level of excavation using Bluebird’s custom-designed, triple-stick excavator, a distance that standard excavators can’t reach. In total, over 85,000 cubic metres of material was removed to complete the five-level parkade.

Bluebird Excavation at 707 Fifth

Brookfield Place East

Breaking down demolition challenges

The project involved the removal of two elevated walkways above the light-rail transit lines in Calgary’s downtown core, which restricted the demolition to short periods of time coinciding with the early morning, off-hours line service maintenance schedule. The Bluebird demolition team developed a unique and innovative solution, specific to the project requirements, to ensure the demolition was completed safely and with minimal disruption to Calgary’s transit services.

Bluebird Demolition at Brookfield Place East