Brookfield Place East

Breaking down demolition challenges

The project involved the removal of two elevated walkways above the light-rail transit lines in Calgary’s downtown core, which restricted the demolition to short periods of time coinciding with the early morning, off-hours line service maintenance schedule. The Bluebird demolition team developed a unique and innovative solution, specific to the project requirements, to ensure the demolition was completed safely and with minimal disruption to Calgary’s transit services.

Bluebird Demolition at Brookfield Place East

Calgary South Health Campus - Precision Metal

Trotter & Morton Precision Metal was awarded the South Health Campus Phase 1 project

Phase 1 included 1,689,428 ft² of hospital area, 164,591 ft² of interstitial space, and 702,108 ft² of a two level underground parkade.

Stainless steel products fabricated: 1000 ft. of guard/hand rails, 120 lab counters/sinks, 2000 ft² of wall cladding, 65 OR/Lab cabinets, 180 shelves, 300 shower rods, numerous hoods, vents, and other miscellaneous Items.