September 2021

Canadian COVID-19 Policy Announcement

At Trotter and Morton, we understand the tremendous impact on individuals and communities as a result of COVID-19. As provinces across Canada manage their response to this pandemic, we remain committed to our mission of providing a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Like many others in the construction and mechanical industries, we have implemented a COVID-19 policy that we believe holds the health and safety of all employees at the forefront of our operations.

This decision is grounded in two principles:

  1. A stringent testing regime or vaccine are the most effective ways to ensure the health and safety of our people, our clients, and our communities.
  2. The vaccine or consistent testing are critical to business continuity – as it both lowers the risk of business interruption and provides safe co-working opportunities to advance our collective goals.

“At Trotter & Morton, we keep the health and safety of our employees and communities at the top of our minds. Throughout the pandemic we have strived to adjust our action plans to meet the ever-changing requirements surrounding this pandemic,” said CEO of Trotter & Morton Group of Companies, David Ryan. “This is a safety measure recognized by OHS as an engineered control, meaning that we have the power to mitigate the risk of coronavirus as a workplace hazard.”

We are asking that our unvaccinated employees receive PCR testing at least twice weekly. Vaccinated employees are exempted from weekly testing unless otherwise required by situations or policies. Trotter and Morton believes through these essential steps, we are able to best protect our employees, their families, our clients, vendors and communities we serve.

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