Rendered Blocks (Sectors)

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Rendered Blocks (Sectors)

Our Facility Services

Trotter & Morton Facility Services provide total accountability from start to finish. 

Whether the equipment moves water or air, we have the experience to help. With our vast knowledge of mechanical systems and buildings, large or small, Trotter & Morton is the team that you can trust with your building or project.

We strongly believe that implementing a preventive and predictive mechanical maintenance program is one of the best low-cost improvements for any building. Not only does regular preventive maintenance extend the lifespan of your mechanical equipment, strategically planned, regular maintenance also reduces energy costs while enhancing building comfort. 

If you need to upgrade or replace an existing system, T&M Facility Services can also design a solution that will minimize disruption, downtime, and expense.

When you put your trust in us, we will do what we promise for the price we promise.