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Green Energy

Energy management is rapidly becoming a top priority for building owners and managers. As fossil fuel costs skyrocket and environmental concerns become more pressing, the need for an effective energy management plan becomes integral to your facility’s long-term operation costs, compliance, and environmental impact.

Reducing Unnecessary and Inefficient HVAC Energy Use

Since 1980, the CO2 emissions from energy consumed by the U.S. commercial sector jumped nearly 30%, sending approximately 1.5 billion metric tonnes of emissions into the atmosphere. Of the energy used in buildings, 30% was unnecessary or used inefficiently. Representing almost 37% of the total energy consumed by the U.S., effectively managing energy use, and CO2 emissions in the commercial sector can make a huge impact on the global environment.

At Trotter & Morton Facility Services, we help businesses leverage the energy-efficient advancements in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. We implement more efficient HVAC units, advanced HVAC building controls, and improved HVAC maintenance to

  • Reduce operational costs (in some cases saving up to 20% in energy costs)
  • Improve utility rates
  • Maintain compliance with government energy regulations
  • Reduce environmental impact

To achieve exceptional energy management standards for HVAC systems, we use the most modern technologies. We assist you in selecting the right equipment and management to streamline your building's HVAC system.

Reduce your Building's Energy Costs

Through energy-efficient HVAC retrofits, upgrades, equipment and services, it is possible for us to reduce your building's energy costs by as much as 20%. With returns on investment this significant, you can quickly recover retrofit costs of a new HVAC system. As a LEED™ accredited service provider, we are specialists in energy management plans. Let our team complete a thorough analysis of your HVAC systems and provide a comprehensive energy management plan to start your building on the road to maximum energy efficiency.

Contact Trotter & Morton Facility Services for an in-depth analysis of your HVAC system efficiency or for information on how we can help you manage your HVAC systems.