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BMS Control Systems

BMS Control Systems

Trotter & Morton specializes in integration and new BMS (Building Management System) installations. We also specialize in Energy Service Agreements for your BMS Control Systems, which eliminates the pain of your software and graphics upgrades. When our experienced technicians assume responsibility for your upgrades, we can guarantee they are completed on an annual basis. The predictability we can provide will remove the guesswork when budgeting for an upgrade to your computer workstations, graphics or software during the year.

Our BMS Services include:

  • BMS New system development trained installation and experienced programming
  • Full system visibilities and control of assets
  • Equipment programming, scheduling and real-time diagnostics
  • Non-proprietary BMS system software
  • Existing BMS System Analysis, new component integration capabilities improve the function of existing systems
  • Up to date software upgrades and licensing provided with projects and service agreements

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