Engagement, Inclusion And Opportunity

Indigenous Relations

Our Indigenous Relations

Trotter & Morton recognizes and acknowledges the traditional territories of the Indigenous Peoples in the areas where we live and where we conduct our business. As such our company strives to engage with our Indigenous neighbours to ensure their concerns are heard, that their people and communities have the opportunity to participate and receive meaningful benefit from our business endeavours.

Our organization values diversity and inclusion in our workforce and all facets of our business and feels being reflective of the communities in which we work is crucial to our success.

Using the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action # 92 as our guide, Trotter & Morton continually works to be a corporate leader for Indigenous engagement, inclusion and opportunities. These commitments have made us a trusted and preferred partner to the Indigenous communities and peoples that share the lands upon which we work.

Advancing Trotter & Morton’s Indigenous Engagement and Business Development initiatives rests with Steve Smyth, Business Development & General Counsel.

Trotter & Morton is commtted to developing mutually beneficial avenues for Indigenous communities and industry to cooperate.

Based upon an appreciation of and respect for the uniqueness inherent in every Indigenous group, we are striving to incorporate innovative strategies to foster consensus and build partnerships that lead to new opportunities for both Trotter and Morton and Indigenous peoples.