Nisku Module Assembly Yard

Location: Nisku, Alberta
Year Completed: 2015
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Project Specifications

whaler industrial contracting
Cenovus Energy
Contract Type:
Time and Material
mechanical, structural
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Project Details

Whaler assembled equipment and pipe rack modules at the Cenovus module yard in Nisku, Alberta. Whaler received, handled and unloaded piping spool, structural steel and equipment to assemble modules. The structural steel consisted of miscellaneous steel members, as well as stairs, ladders, platforms and gratings. Whaler also installed the piping spools, equipment and valves, along with all shoes, guides, anchors, pipe hangers and spring supports and hydro-tests all pipe spools.

Whaler was also responsible for glycol tracing, scaffolding on all module construction. This project was in the duration of 4 years consisting of a total of 400 modules for the Cenovus Foster Creek & Christina Lake site.

Whaler received the 1M Incident Free Man Hour award in 2012 for their outstanding safe work efforts and continue to have a positive working relationship with Cenovus.