Public Water Safety at Dams – Spillway Warning System

Location: Northern Manitoba, Canada
Year Completed: 2021
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Project Specifications

trotter & morton industrial construction
electrical, infrastructure, mechanical
Building Type:
Generating Station
Manitoba Hydro
Contract Type:
Lump Sum
electrical, mechanical, structural
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Project Details

Located approximately 725 km north of Winnipeg, the Town of Gillam supports three of Manitoba Hydro’s largest generating stations on the Nelson River.The Kettle Generating Station (12 Units, 1,220 MW), Longspruce Generating Station (10 Units, 980 MW) and Limestone Generating Station (12 Units, 1350 MW) are all located a short distance away from the Town.

TMIC was responsible for the supply and installation of a Spillway Warning System which included multiple visible light and infrared cameras and a very loud audible alarm system. This system is designed to alert people in or on the water when the flow or depth changes due to spillway gate operation.

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